Is it safe to buy?

Is it safe for me to buy? I’m a foreign Investor.

Cape Verde is one of the safest destinations to invest into as a foreign investor for many reasons.

  • Any foreign investor can own property.
  • Foreign investors enjoy equal property rights as Cape Verdeans
  • Laws permit full transfer of money out of country from property sales
  • Local Currency is pegged to the Euro (no wild currency swings)
  • Low corruption
  • Low crime rates
  • Low risk of terrorism
  • No political, social or religious unrest
  • No natural disasters such as hurricanes

Do properties have title deeds?

  • Properties have freehold title (there are very few leasehold properties – bars usually)
  • Investors receive full property title deeds to prove ownership

Can my property be taken away from me by the authorities?

A question we are routinely asked is about the expropriation of property. That is when a property is taken away by the Government or Authorities. Horror stories in Spain have made buyers more aware of their ownership rights. However in Cape Verde, a property cannot take be taken away from its owner unless that property is situated in a location where a new Infrastructure project has to be made, for example, the building of a new Airport Runway, or construction of a new (and vital) road, etc.

In this instance, the authorities will compensate the property owner(s) with the value of the property or offer an alternative of equal value. For example, a house in Baia Das Gatas, São Vicente was knocked down to make way for a new road in a new urbanised zone. The owners were offered a new house close to the one that was knocked down.


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