Why Invest In Cape Verde?

Why invest in Cape Verde?

The combination of all year around sunshine, laid back lifestyle, short flights times, booming tourism and a secure European style property legal system (similar to Portugal) makes Cape Verde an ideal opportunity for holiday home seekers and property investors alike. In short, Cape Verde offers:

  • All year around warm climate (25 degrees average temperature)
  • Stable democratic government
  • No political, religious or social conflict
  • Foreign investors permitted by law to own property
  • All investors have permission to transfer money in and out
  • Government pro-tourism and pro-investment
  • Booming tourism
  • 10 magnificent islands to explore

Property Investment Potential

  • All year around rental potential
  • Direct flights from UK and Europe increasing
  • New Global chain hotels being built (Hilton, Melia)
  • Growing tourism (10% per annum since 2000)
  • 5.5 hours flight from UK. 3.5 hours from Europe
  • Increasing flight routes
  • Shortage of high quality accommodation
  • Market has undergone price correction
  • Huge capital appreciation

Ideal timing for Capital Appreciation

The Cape Verdean property market has undergone a significant price correction over the last few years and prices have dropped up to 50% from their peak in 2007. This makes property in Cape Verde an extremely attractive proposition to any buyer. With increasing tourism and more hotels being constructed, the number of holiday home buyers will be on the increase.

The property market is in an excellent position for buyers to capitalise on the low prices and excellent value for money. There has been a rise in demand for holiday homes in Cape Verde since November 2015, which has been created by more confidence in the overseas property market combined with instability in other Middle Eastern tourist destinations. Buyers are finding Cape Verde to be an excellent alternative with outstanding weather, fabulous beaches and increasing tourism.

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